Tina is very tired after a long and demanding day at the office and a Turkish spa treatment is the perfect remedy to charge her batteries. Here she is at this spa salon where she is going to have a well deserved facial beauty treatment, followed by a pampering body massage. Help Tina relax with lots of beauty cosmetics and aromatherapy products. Wax her mustache and shape up her messy eyebrows with a tweezers. Prepare various masks for her face and body, and combine different aromatherapy ingredients. The facial beauty treatment will be followed by a body massage treatment and a Turkish bath. Tina also needs her manicure done with nail cutting, nail polishing and new nail polish color applied on her nails. At the end of this amazing Turkish spa day, Tina will be a new person and she will surely look fresh and beautiful with a fresh new make up and outfit. Have a great time playing this brand new game!