For my birthday this year, my bffs surprised me with a sugar sweet spa day. I liked my birthday present so much that I decided to repeat the fabulous spa experience, so this time I was the one who invited my bffs. Here we are now enjoying a new sugar sweet facial beauty makeover and we can't wait to be pampered with lots of creams and masks. I can even create my own face mask by choosing a fruit which I can mix with yogurt, milk, pudding or another ingredient. How cool is that, girls? This beauty salon has hair styling and make up services as well, so I am going to take advantage of them. In the meantime, me and my bffs are surrounded by colorful candies and lollipops. Can you help me resist the temptation of eating all the candies, keeping me busy with a new haircut? Make me look pretty and fashionable giving me a trendy hairstyle and then continue with a professional makeup session. Turn me into a fashion diva at the end of this amazing spa day. Have fun playing this new game!