Hello girls! Are you ready for your spring break? Claire surely is and she has already made her holiday plans. She will spend this school vacation on a warm tropical beach with her group of friends. She wants to look amazing and a day at the spa is the answer. Prepare Claire for the spring break with a sensational spa day, giving her a fresh beach look. Clean her skin complexion and freshen it up with a summer facial beauty treatment. While the face mask works its magic, pamper her back with a relaxation massage. Use tropical creams, oils and a sun tan lotion which will protect Clair's body from damaging sun rays. Continue the spa makeover with a spring break make up session. The high school girl wants to look fashionable and trendy on her spring break. She can really use some practical beach make up tips. What swimsuits and sunglasses are on vogue this summer, girls? Have fun playing our brand new spa game!