Girls can't wait to go to the beauty or hair salon and treat themselves with a refreshing facial beauty treatment or a reinvigorating hair care treatment. Looking beautiful is not as easy as some think. A girl who cares about her looks goes regularly at the beauty salon to have her skin treated with the latest cosmetics. This pretty girl works at a luxury spa center and she is surrounded by lots of beauty products, towels, candles, Jacuzzi and nail polish colors. Today is a very busy day at the spa and the girl has lots of work to do. Will she have time to relax a little bit while slacking her work duties? Help the girl apply a face mask on a client's face, fill up the bathtubs with water, polish a client's nails, make Jacuzzi bubbles and practice some yoga moves. Can you also make sure her boss does not see her while she is typing a text message? Have a fabulous time playing this new management game!