Christmas is Barbara's favorite holiday. Each year she decorates her home in the Christmas spirit and helps her mom prepare the traditional dinner food in the kitchen. She goes shopping for presents and new outfits which she wears at the Christmas and New Year's Eve parties. She likes dressing up as a chic Santa baby girl while waiting for Santa Claus. All these activities are fun but tiring as well. When Barbara is done doing them and everything is well taken care of, she charges her batteries with a trip to the beauty spa salon. Give the cute Santa baby girl a fresh and fashionable look with a relaxing body massage at the spa. Massage her tight back muscles with aromatherapy oils and creams to release the pressure. Continue with a manicure session decorating her nails with a gorgeous Christmas nail design. The cold winter weather can damage the hair and a hair care treatment is mandatory before styling it up in an elegant Santa baby girl hairdo. Complete the makeover with a dazzling make up and attire. Have fun playing this new spa game!