Heather lives at a farm in Texas and she is surrounded by lots of animals. Her favorite pet is not a dog, cat or parrot, as we might think, but a cute little pony. She adores her pet and loves playing with it. The pony lover is having a fabulous spa day today. She and her little horse will be pampered today with a hair care treatment, as well as a make up and dress up session. Be their hairdresser and fashion stylist, making both the pony lover and her cute pet look stunning. Begin the spa day makeover with a hair salon treatment. wash the girl's hair, use hydrating and styling masks and serums, cut it and style it up in a curly, wavy or straight haircut. Groom her pet as well and make it look pretty. Continue with make up and finish dressing Heather up in trendy hot clothes, shoes and accessories. Do the same with her little animal. Have an amazing time playing this brand new hairstyle game!