For her birthday, Jessica received a fabulous present from her bffs. She spent a whole day at a magical spa salon, where she was treated like a royal princess. She loved it so much that she decided to repeat the experience. We could all use a relaxing day at the spa, don't we, girls? Jessica is about to have a fantastic facial beauty treatment, followed by a relaxation massage, manicure and make up. This sounds really exciting! Accompany Jessica in this amazing beauty adventure and find out the latest trends in beauty cosmetics, massages, nail polish colors and makeup. Be her beautician today and make her face flawless applying magical creams, masks and lotions on it. Massage her back with cute froggies and take care of her nails with a fashionable manicure. Her hair needs a new color, so how about some hot girly highlights. Do her make up and take care of her eyebrows as well. Have a great time playing this brand new facial beauty game!