This gorgeous fairy is the princess of a far away frozen land covered in snow and ice. The cold has preserved her beauty marvelously, but that does not mean she does not take care of her look as well. As a matter of fact, not a month passes by without a visit to the spa salon. The fairy princess is at the beauty spa right now and she is ready for a fantastic and relaxing day. Be her salon beautician and treat her with magical body creams, lotions and powders. Living in a frozen kingdom can affect skin, which must be constantly hydrated to avoid dryness. Massage the girl's back and apply moisturizing cosmetics on her body and face to keep skin soft and silky. Give the princess a hair care treatment as well, applying a hydrating hair mask, styling spray and split ends argan oil. Finish her fabulous spa day with a dress fitting session for her upcoming ballroom party. Have fun playing this brand new spa game!