Winx girl Flora is having a picnic in the countryside this afternoon with her friends. There will be a few cute boys there as well and Flora wants to look pretty. Who knows? She might end up with a new boyfriend. There is no time to waste as she has only a few hours left and so many things to take care of. She must style up her hair, hydrate her skin before applying make up and find a girly cute attire to wear. Help the Winx doll finish her picnic makeover on time handing her the hair care beauty products she needs. For a silky and shiny effect, use a moisturizing cream and a freeze control serum. Her face needs a spa beauty treatment to remove unwanted blackheads. Apply colorful creams and masks on her face, wax her mustache and pluck her eyebrows. Give her a fashionable day make up and dress the Winx girl in a trendy teen outfit to make her stand out from the crowd. Have fun playing this brand new facial beauty game!