Mina found out about a fabulous chocolate beauty treatment with great benefits for the skin and she decided to try it herself. Today she is having a chocolate spa day and she is very excited about it. First Mina will be treated with a relaxing body massage, followed by a legs waxing session, pedicure and make up. She cannot wait to see the results, so let's not waste any more time! Dark chocolate is healthy for our body, whether we eat it or we use it as a facial or body mask. Such a mask will be used in the spa body massage she is about to get. Apply the masks on her back, arms and legs, massage it well and rinse it off. Repeat the procedure with a different mask flavor. The skin will look smooth and silky afterwards. Next, pick the wax of your choice and apply it on Mina's legs. Gently remove it and massage her legs with a body oil or lotion. Do her pedicure and decorate her toes with a trendy nails design. Finish with a make up and dress up session. Have fun playing this brand new spa game!