Disney princess Ariel had a stressful and tiring week. She needs a day at the spa to recharge her batteries and start fresh again. Her ocean kingdom has a fantastic spa salon like you can only find in fairy tales. Accompany Ariel to her magic spa and give her a fabulous body massage. Pamper her skin with magic creams, lotions, oils and masks. Don't worry if the mermaid princess falls asleep while you massage her back. That means you do a great job and she really enjoys it. Go through all the steps of the beauty treatment. Apply pearl dust body mask with a spatula or spray a seaweeds lotion for a smooth and silky skin effect. Make the Disney princess beautiful with a stunning make up session next. Finish Ariel's makeover with a gorgeous mermaid outfit. Don't forget the diamond princess tiara and the magic wand! Her bffs will be envious when they see her new look. Have a wonderful time playing our brand new spa game!